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Rice is Life

A thesis project that examines the Chinese food culture, investigating how food can evolve from basic cooking to becoming a very complex part of people’s lives.


Watercolor was used for the illustrations to highlight the idea of friendly and casualness. One of the goals of this project is to spread the idea that cooking is not something intimidating; just take it easy. The main idea is to connect with people by showing them your sincerity of willing to cook for them.

Pattern inspired by traditional Chinese door/window frames.

Pattern inspired by traditional Chinese door/window frames.


Food is an essential part of everyone’s lives without a doubt because it gives people the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, to be healthy and active. However, I hope that one can realize the importance of food in our lives just like the Chinese culture did; realize the values of how we can connect with others through each meal. Don’t feel that you need to cook because you have to cook, don’t just eat because you need to eat. Think about the stories and experience that led you to where you’re at. It will make every meal more enjoyable and memorable.


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