Johnny Chen
Hi there! Johnny here.

Portland Youth Builders

A rebrand proposal for Portland Youth Builders, a non-profit organization that supports young people who are committed to change their lives to become self-sufficient, contributing members of the workforce and their community.


Logo concept


Used simple shapes to represent the innocence of youth and the simple life that the students of PYB strive for. It represents the idea of PYB students being building blocks that build to support each other and the Portland community. The rounded corners represent the friendly aspect of the students and the organization.

Think positive, be positive, and stay positive.

Brand attributes

  • society

  • support

  • strength

  • equality

  • friendly

  • positivity

  • education

  • development

  • opportunities

  • community

  • leadership

  • experience

  • self-sufficiency


The problem with PYBs original logo was that it was simplified to the point of only having the initials. People unfamiliar with the organization wouldn’t know what the letters mean, what they do, and what their goals are. Below are sketches that I’ve done to try to incorporate what PYB provide for the youth; e.g. education, community services, and different types of vocational training classes.


Wordmark Sketches


Join us!

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