Johnny Chen
Hi there! Johnny here.


Traditional Chinese green tea infused with organic fruits. A new drink to help people begin their healthy journey.


Guocha is created from traditional Chinese green tea, infused with organic fruits to create a kick in flavors. Green tea is known to have many health benefits (lowering cholesterol levels, reduce risk of heart disease, etc.) and fruits have many nutrients in which can help reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. Combining the two, Guocha has brought forth a tea-licious drink for those who wants to begin their healthy journey.


I wanted to create a mark to modernize the idea of tea drinks to better appeal to the younger generation. I used simple shapes and lines to make Chinese letterforms, to create a minimalistic brand image befitting the current era where this type of design is appreciated.


I created this project because I feel that the younger generation is following the trend of drinking coffee as Starbucks can be easily found every few blocks away. Even though people going to Starbucks can afford the items there, it somehow feels ridiculous for the price they charge. Tea is generally cheaper to buy, and packed with more antioxidants. But on another note, whether tea is healthier than coffee is a complicated question. I just report, you decide.